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Castle Donington UK

What is a Deafblind Communicator Guide?

Deafblind Communicator Guides are highly trained and skilled staff who provide support to enable deafblind people to be independent by assisting them in everyday life.

Communicator Guides help deafblind people to undertake shopping trips, leisure, social activities, health appointments, education and work placements.

Deafblind Communicator Guides who will work with Deafblind people supporting them and empowering them to make decisions and choices by providing information that is easy to understand along with good quality communication support in their preferred method of communication.

All of our Deafblind Communicator Guides are fully qualified, supportive and available to work in all areas of Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire. All of our Deafblind Communicator Guides all work to the theory of "enabling deafblind people to be in charge of their life, to empower them and to support them to make essential decisions in whatever they choose to achieve"

Contact us for terms and conditions along with quotations for your individual support package.

Call Now on : 07534 998 202